Wednesday, January 26, 2011

30,000 Feet High

Wut up Dollar Bin Jammers? I have been quite busy of late and I haven't been able to post much but I shall return in the spring...Bling!...I have been traveling every weekend to a different city spinning for The 3rd Rail jam Tour's after parties. I have 5 more gigs with them all over the west coast and I am having a blast. Huge thanks to my favorite sponsor Slacker Radio for believing in me and check the station if u haven't already =Here! I have been flying quite a bit and I hate planes so I made this mix to help myself not be so scarrrrrred when taking off in one of those cheaply made air gliders. Btw peep the video of the after party at the Wobbly Barn in Killington, Vermont =Here! Enjoy the mix "30,000 Feet High" in 30 minutes. Peace Kidz

30,000 Feet High (Never Check Your Vinyl @ The Gate) by Vincent Smaldone

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