Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sharegroove & Trap.Avoid

Brooklyn's Sharegroove tore it down last Saturday at Hurrah. Here's a recording of their set for those looking to groove.

Sharegroove - Live set from Hurrah | Mediafire | 2 funky hours

Also, here are a couple freebies from Duckcomb's group Trap.Avoid. I have a fuzzy memory of dancing & playing air bongos when they played the Little Countries remix.

Trap.Avoid - Little Countries (Sal P & Neurotic Drum Band Remix)
Download it at RCRD LBL

33 Hz – Under The Sun (Trap.Avoid Dub)
Download it at Discobelle


hexo said...

mediafire won't seem to let me download the file... thanks for posting this. I was so mad that I had to miss it.

Shawn Ryan said...

link worked for me. Maybe give it a shot later or on another browser?

hexo said...

blech. it times out from my computer. can't even ping their server for some reason. even changed DNS servers! wah!