Monday, June 8, 2009

A Cosmic Journey Through Space & Time With Steve Vena and Darklord

Yes! I was super stoked when seasoned Rocktits! veteran Steve Vena asked me to come aboard the Moxy Hangout Club shuttle, which launches every Sunday from 6-8PM on 91.7FM WKDU Philadelphia. It was the perfect opportunity to play some seriously wild tunes that ordinarily never see the light of day, much less get played in any type of public forum. The end result was truly a cosmic journey, as advertised above. Have a listen if you dare!

"And the legend begins. Today's show featured the dream come true mega-sets of Ryan "Darklord" Todd of Robotique; he really put his money where your mouth was. And as a group we double-teamed the airwaves with science! spacejams! and our huge members,-only egos! huh? A watched pot might never boil but you can watch Mr. Todd and Billy Werner bubble over the edge every Friday at KungFuNecktie."

Steve Vena:
The Fugs - Boobs-A-Lot
Juicy Lucy - Big Lil
Wet Willie - The Airport
Manfred Mann - One Way Glass
Okko - East Indian Traffic
Volker Kriegal - Zoom
The Watts 103rd Street Band - Twenty Five Miles
Marcus Hook Roll Band - Ape Man
Gong - I Niver Glid Before

801 - Lagrima & T.N.K. (Tomorrow Never Knows)
Michael Bundt - Welcome the Astral Dancer
Danava - Quiet Babies
Budgie - Whiskey River
H.O.T. R.S. - Slow Blow
Airto - I Don't Have To Do
Funkadelic - Field Maneuvers
Venus Gang - Love to Fly
the Undisputed Truth - Spaced Out
Goblin - Deep Shadows
Christian Bruhn - Wetten...Dass?
Amadeo - Memories
Klaus Weiss - Dirt track

Steve Vena:
Laghonia - Glue
Birth Control - Buy!

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Keep on keepin ohm!!!

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