Monday, June 22, 2009

Free your eyes, and your mind will follow

Whoever says they've never purchased a record just for the cover art is either joyless or lying.

More often than not, I simply can't help myself! And so I end up with this: an ever-expanding gallery of funked-out space babes, sci-fi discotheques and monstrous piles of synthesizers.

Aptly titled, I've decided to exclude any direct information regarding the identity of these pieces (though some of the titles are a dead giveaway). Although it's not necessarily the purpose of this post, please feel free to fancy a few guesses!

Darklord Disco Presenta: Cosmic Excerpts | flickr


Shawn Ryan said...

I added it to the blogroll.

expletive undeleted said...

The third one is Boney M. Can't remember the title. Do I win a special prize?

Jesse Conrad said...

First one looks like a Jean-Michel Jarre setup. Second one is Games by Synergy.