Monday, June 15, 2009

RCMP - Ibiza, PA

This is it - the RCMP record drops this Thursday at Metropolis (more info on that and this weekend's DC and Pittsburgh shows later). Next week the record hits stores.

So we've got a goody for you. Ibiza, PA is, for my money, the biggest dancefloor destroyer on the RCMP EP. I've played this joint all across the country and it never fails to get hands in the air in an epic 4AM on drugs stylee. That's why the track is called Ibiza, PA- it's that rust belt rave shit.


RCMP - Ibiza, PA
Zshare | YSI | 192 kbps


For a better quality copy of the file (or the epic Cousin Cole remix) - buy the record online next week from Turntable Lab or from one of the many record stores which stocks Flamin Hotz fine products. If digital is more your thing, the record will be available on Beatport via our new label, Young Robots, in several months.

Keep a lookout for the forthcoming video for Ibiza, PA by Didier Clain!

Another track from the EP, The Bird AKA Ignition, is also available for free download. You can hear the whole EP by downloading the RCMP promo mix.

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DARKLORD said...

YES! Nicely done, digging the Porto homage on the cover...