Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Check out this new Tamborzão mix by Baltimore's Balagan. Here's what he has to say about it...
Forget the 808--Tamborzão is the sound of Rio right now. Where most compilations and remixes that channeled funk carioca/baile funk to non-Brazilian audiences recent years have focused on Miami bass and freestyle electro-influenced beats, favela sound systems now pump a new, spooky and sample-heavy sound called Tamborzão (translation: really heavy drumbeat) across the city. It's got more indigenous Brazilian influences at the surface, along with eclectic sample stabs of everything from PC system sounds to Planet Patrol's "Cheap Thrills" and Woody Woodpecker cackles (Pica-Pau is his Portuguese name). This sound, as I was fortunate to experience it this spring in favelas like Arvore Seca and Cantagalo, is gunshots and flip-flops, soccer championships and drunken sambas... Rio in a nutshell.

Balagan - A Bag Full of CDRs | Divshare | 26 minutes

01) Marinho/Funk Boy - Montagem 3000
02) Bolinho e Bill - Bufalo Bill
03) Passinho da Penha
04) Bonde Zoeira - Barack Obama
05) Os Ousados - Senta Pros Ousados
06) Montagem MSN
07) Montagem Atencao
08) Byano DJ - Montagem Pica Pau
09) Maozinha - Yes We Can
10) Mouzon's Electric Band - Everybody Get Down
11) DJ PT - Montagem Jacare Lacoste
12) Byano DJ - Pão na Manteiga
13) MC Maiquinho - A Zona Sul é Nossa

He was also kind enough to share a track off of the mix with us...

Bolinho e Bill - Bufalo Bill | Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

Balagan and I will be playing at the Windup Space in Baltimore this Thursday. Philly heads can catch him at I Can Has Bass? at Medusa on Friday, June 26.

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