Thursday, October 1, 2009

Exclusive Sharegroove Mix!

I met Duckcomb (aka Patrick) and Steve Shakewell of Brooklyn's Sharegroove in the middle of a forest while on acid and an ecstasy tablet. Literally. We were all DJ'ing together at a 3-day party and I was immediately impressed with their records and how they chose to play them. We had a conversation about an eventual Philadelphia booking and finally the time is here.

The Sharegroove boys will be at Robotique this Friday night and they have graciously provided some sonic memorabilia for us to share.

First up is a new mix that the boys constructed exclusively for the Robotique family. Giving us an exclusive mix is like being beat into the gang, only a bit more pleasant.

Download that joint here. (P.S. the Berlin track that opens the mix is a mindblower. You've heard it at Robotique, thanks to these dudes who forced us to go back and dust it off.)


1. Berlin - "Sex (I'm A...)"
2. Tortuga - "Grand Drum (Instrumental)"
3. Mark E - "Human"
4. Tafuri - "Was That All It Was (Dub Retraction)"
5. Slowhouse - "Untitled"
6. Two of China - "Los NiƱos Del Parque (Corrida Mix)"
7 Mandrill - "Feeling Good"(Theo Parrish Re-Eedit)
8. Curtis Mayfield - "How Do You Like To Be Loved"
9. D'llegance - "Chanson D'llegance (Disconet Remix)"
10. The Cool Notes - "I Forgot"
11. B.T. Express - "Can't Stop Groovin' Now (Wanna Do It Some More)"
12. L. Springsteen - "On Your Knees (Vocal Mix)"
13. Liz Torres - "Mama's Boy"(Dub)"
14. Patrick Cowley - "Primitive World"
15. The Vision - "Sharde"

They've also been kind enough to share a dope Kool & The Gang edit that Duckcomb put together:

Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night (Duckcomb Edit)
DivShare | 320 kbps

Seriously, these are two DJ's you do not want to miss. See you there.


Cropsy said...

mad dope!

DARKLORD said...

Stoked! These dudes absolutely know what's up...