Thursday, October 29, 2009

To The Beat Yall

I realize I've been MIA on the blog lately and I'm gonna try to get back in the regular swing of things. To start things off, here are a couple of disco rap jams that share the same title.

First up is Lady B's classic Philly track from 1979. Her raps... ehhhhh but it's one of the first recorded female raps and she holds her own ok. I buy disco rap records kinda compulsively, so if you are into early rap tracks definitely check this one.

The instrumental for Lady B is a cover of Direct Current's "Everybody Here Must Party," which totally rules, so I've included it as well. It's another Philly track on TEC.

Lady B - To The Beat Y'all | Divshare | YSI | 320 kbps

Direct Current - Everybody Here Must Party | Divshare | YSI | 320 kbps

The other To The Beat Y'all is much better. Big time boogie/rap jam that you can definitely play out. Big ups to my homie Andrew over at People's Potential Unlimited/Earcave for hooking me up with this one.

Sangria - To The Beat Y'all | Divshare | YSI | 320 kbps


Shawn Ryan said...


Anonymous said...

both the links are dead. Any chance of a repost? This track is the JAM!

Deep Sang said...

Gotcha... seems my divshare account exceeded it's limit (again). So... I finally bit the bullet and paid for the account upgrade. Everyone should be able to DL as much as they want from now on, enjoy!
-Deep Sang