Saturday, October 24, 2009

Derek's Daily 45

For anyone who's not familiar with Derek's Daily 45, it's easily one of my favorite mp3 blogs. Derek is a California based musician and record collector who is generous enough to archive his rare 45s and share them with the world. I currently have a playlist of 100 tracks from him, so I'd say the quality of his posts is unparalleled. Below are links to a couple of my recent favorites to get you started. If you enjoy what you hear, get on his email list and all of the 45s will come straight to your inbox.

The Sorrows - Take a Heart | Get it from Derek | 192 kbps

Lou Courtney - Hot Butter N All pt1 | Get it from Derek | 192 kbps


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. i'm checking out derek's posts and they are amazing.

here's a 320 verison of "take a heart" via mediafire. i might have the album around if your interested...

Derek See said...

Thank you for your kind words. It's things like this that help me keep on keepin' on.