Monday, December 1, 2008

Fred Wesley - House Party (DJ Apt One Edit)

I randomly gripped up the 45 of House Party some time ago and it just recently came to the top of the "To Rip" pile. I know there's a 12" of this out there with a "Full Length" version on it, presumably the one that got some run at the Loft, but I decided to edit it up for my own purposes, complete with a period appropriate drum pattern and a period appropriate drum break that I laced up.

Fred Wesley - House Party (DJ Apt One Edit)
Zshare | YSI | 320 kbps

Make sure to drop this at your next house party, because, as the song says, you might have gone to the movies, but it's hard to afford the fare.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the extra drum juice. What a jam!

jerome green said...

Hi DJ Apt One,

Thank you for pumpin' the "House Party." I only have the full version from the David Mancuso "Loft Volume 2" cd. Like you say, the vinyl would be nice. Thanks again.

Peace, Jerome

Mr.Devlin said...


Disco D said...

Always nice to have an edit.
Sometimes there just enough set time to play all the gooides :)

Anonymous said...

Cool that you have the record autographed by both Maceo and Fred. Even though Maceo wasn't in the record.