Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's the time of the season...

It is now October 1st, which means that it is time for this year's all-soundtrack mix! Shawn Ryan and I worked closely on this one, meeting every Monday night, leaving a wasteland of Dunkin' Donuts cups & wrappers in our wake (Shawn Ryan runs on Dunkin'™).

This one has a distinctly more psyched-out vibe than the last one: you can really feel the drugs kicking in at 19 minutes...and just when you think they're wearing off, it's time for a little ride on a Huey above the jungles of Vietnam (Heading Two Seven Zee-ro).

About a mile up, Big Duke 60 switches the music on, and it's back to dancing naked in a moonlit field. Wraps up with some mysterious sleaze which is sure to leave the disco junkies asking, "Whaaa?".

Listen online at

Or right click/control click to download here:
Darklord - Il Suono Scuro 2 | 320 kbps

PS: The track list this year is a bit of a riddle! Who can identify the tunes based on the images provided?


valis said...

amazing mix. three listens and counting. any chance we can get an extra clue to help solve the riddle - perhaps the name of the movies? some of the poster have me stumped!

Owen said...

yeah, this is brilliant. Nice one. Highly relistenable too. Looking forward to going through it again.